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Product Description:

Introducing the ultimate cleaning solution for your home, office, and beyond ,our Portable Air Duster Wireless Vacuum Suction Cleaner!

This innovative device combines the power of a vacuum cleaner with the convenience of a portable air duster, giving you unparalleled versatility in keeping your spaces spotless.

Our cleaner effortlessly lifts dust, dirt, and debris from any surface, leaving behind a fresh and clean environment. With its wireless design, you can tackle cleaning tasks without being restricted by cords or outlets, making it perfect for reaching tricky spots and tight corners.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • Comfortable handling during extended cleaning sessions.
  • Compact size makes it easy to store.
  • And transport, so you can take it wherever cleaning is needed – from your living room to your car interior, and everywhere in between.
  • Rechargeable battery, this cleaner offers continuous cleaning power.
  • User-friendly operation makes it suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Portable Wireless Vacuum Suction Cleaner and say goodbye to dust and dirt with ease!


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  • step 1.

    select your procedure

    Choose your style, temprature and timer so you can get the perfect curl for you!

  • step 2.

    position your hair

    Section your hair and allow the barrel will auto-spin around and wrap the hair into the curling chamber.

  • step 3.

    press go!

    In 8 seconds, you can transform your hair from fine flat to curled and volumous!


  • Suitable for all hair types

    No matter how long, short, thick or thin your hair is

    Your Curlr has multiple built in heat and timer settings so you can get the perfect curl to suit you.

  •  intelligent heat control

    heat settings 150°C - 200° C

    Features 6 adjustable heat settings and 6 timer settingsto avoid damaging your hair, even if it's fine, fragile, or colour treated.

  • rechargable battery.

    built in battery capacity 2500 mah - 3.5 running time!

    Unique anti-scald design & automatic reverse rotation to help avoid any tangled hair problems.

  • smart & safe

    + Energy Efficient auto-suit off after 10 mins of inactivity

    Unique anti-scald design & automatic reverse rotation to help avoid any tangled hair problems.

  • LCD display

    built in battery capacity 2500 mah - 3.5 running time!

    The Curlr comes with a LCD display to show clear temprature, durection and timer, it presents more readable and convenient use.

  •  compact design

    everything you need in one package

    A small and sleek design so you can curl your hair anytime and anywhere.

  • USB charging

    USB charging

    from your phone dock, computer or wall

    Easy to USB charger makes it super convenient to charge your Curlr on the go - That is, if you need to!

  • multiple time settings

    8 - 18 second time settings

    so you can set the timer to create the perfect curl for your hair.

whats included in my pack

  • 1 x Curler Can
  • 1 x Storage bag
  • 1 x Instruction manual
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